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I just wanted to say hats off to who ever discovered Noni Juice. It worked for me. You can feel the change in your body after within the first hour.
I get up at 5 am and take it on a empty stomach. It cleans your body out- your body feels like its tingling all over. I worst problem was with my legs. I broke my leg twice and I don't get as much exercise as once did. It changed my life. I walk free from a cane and can actually exercise. The only down fall to Noni is it's nasty in taste. If you can get past that- then prepare for an experience you will never forget. God Bless- Doreen, Camden, NJ.

What are your thoughts and experiences with Noni juice?

21.05.2008. 00:06


Gary Ryan 23.06.2008. 07:20


I decided to try Noni Juice for Gout. I drink the 100% Noni Juice from Whole Foods. As of this writing, I have been drinking Noni Juice for two weeks.

I would develope Gout after eating most shell seafood, mainly shrimp. I would also get Gout after drinking Red Wine. I have since gone back to eating shell seafood and drinking red wine.

So far, I am Gout free! Time is still the Judge, but for now, Noni Juice is working for me.

Gary l. Ryan

vijay 02.11.2008. 06:59

my name is vijay have a tumor in my spinal cord,already done one surgery in 2004,if someone have such case so email me on and if noni is the solution so please let me know.thanks

Cyndi Lowell 23.01.2009. 00:36

I found tahitian noni juice after YEARS of pain and perscription medications and TREATMENTS that really did nothing but cause more health problems and bills. I have digenerative disk disease throughout, arthritis and fibromyalgia I could not do much more than lay around on ice and heat- any movement cause excruciating pain..and I had severe chronic depression and anxiety. I had so many problems from the meds physicians were giving me. I was told this is the BEST you will ever once active life was GONE! No wonder I was DEPRESSED.
In November of 2006 I was at the end of hope and thought why not- I will try anything. With-in 90 days I was off 14 (fourteen) medications and was able to pick up my grandson, work out and even clean my house! Things I never dreamed possible. I tried other so-called super fruits and really wanted them to help- but only this one did. I thought what the heck I will become an IPC and today I am pain free and take ZERO medications. I personally drink 3 ounces in the morning and another 3 ounces in the afternoon on an empty stomach. It completely works for me. Today, 1/22/2009 I am a walking testimonial of some of the things Tahitian Noni juice can do. My husband had other issues resolved and our children other, and on and on- I found out the Tahitian Noni was the original juice created. Safe for kids and pregnant moms too. Try this stuff it just might help you too. If I can help you fine- or find someone else that can help you discover the miracles of tahitian noni juice. If you have questions I will do my best to answer. I also have a website you can visit and see I am real.
Good luck finding help!
Cyndi Lowell
Eugene Oregon

Mello 27.04.2009. 11:22

I am drinking Levive, a concentrated juice with 5 powerful fruits including the Noni. Do you think that combining these fruits lessens the effects?

jo-jo 04.05.2009. 17:40

Wow! With such great testimonials, we must al be glad God made Noni!

loose weight 11.05.2009. 20:32

I have just started using noni juice, I have high cholesterol, eczema and had a bad ski accident which has caused me to have issues with my back, I refuse to take any medication. So I heard of this noni juice and decided to give it a try, I will give my feedback in a few weeks to let you know how it works.

Tam 10.06.2009. 19:28

My husband and I were introduced to the tahitian noni juice from my mom who has MS. She walked with a cane for years and had alot of pain. She has drank this for 6-7 years and now walks without the cane and she feels alot better. So.....then my husband tried it. He was in alot of car accidents and had a bad wrist injury. The top of his wrist would swell 3-4" tall and throb. He has been taking the noni for 3 months and can now use his wrist. The swelling went way down and he said in general he just feels better. I was not really a big fan of herbal things until this juice. I would reccomend this for anyone. What do you have to lose?

Lynn 29.06.2009. 21:24

Hello, i live in Hilo, Hawaii and i've been a noni drinker for the past 8 years..i can say noni has helped me with cholesterol, high blood pressure and also i'm almost sure with my immune system..knock on wood, i rarely or never catch a cold or flu...i take about 2 - 3 ounces daily in the a.m. before breakfast...i have even started my dog on noni..will keep you advised on how that goes.

aloha from Hawaii..

Erin 01.07.2009. 11:35

I decided to try pure Noni juice because I have problems with constipation. I'm glad to say it is working wonders and I've been told that my facial skin has a kinda glow. So I'm pleased.

alicia 21.07.2009. 11:02

I'm trying it for the first time. Which brand is the best?

Ramesh 04.09.2009. 16:48

I just trying Noni twice daily more than two months.Actually i had a Hydrocele problem for than 15 years.I didn't operate it i was quite shy to inform to family members.sometimes it bulges while wearing pants and look awkward.After taking Moni i found decreasing and becomes normal..Its really worth to take as it has so many medicinal properties which we cannot explain by words.In one word - Noni is meant for Humanbeings..
Difficult to describe
Easy to Experience..


Becky 16.09.2009. 10:17

I have been taking Aloha Noni, 100% organic for one week and have noticed a decrease in arthritic pain in my shoulders and joints. I take 1 oz. before each meal with 8oz. of water. I have also been sleeping AMAZINGLY well. I was a little skeptical at first, but Noni has been the only change in my routine, so I have to think it's the juice helping me.

God Bless!

Andrey 18.09.2009. 12:41

my aunt in Russia got heavy tuberculosis this winter and it was worsening, losing weight, nasty stuff. then my mom gave her noni regularly and she recovered very quickly. my grandfarther is a diabetic.. he had some really bad issues with blood pressure etc. when he started taking noni his sugar normalized and he has no issues with pressure any more.. i also took noni when i was fasting... everyday in the morning i took a bit and could work for the whole day effectivelly and with a lot of energy. i think daily personal situations are the best reseach.

Amy 22.10.2009. 21:51

I recently began juicing as a way to cleanse society's chemical toxins out of my body and as a way to live life more comfortably without the aid of prescription medicine. I have been taking noni juice for a week now and I am amazed at how much energy I have, yet when it comes time for bed, I'm ready to sleep. I have battled insomnia for almost 20 years. Its no longer a chore for me to get out of bed in the morning. I sleep better. I have also started taking wheatgrass powder, so that may be part of the effect, but the increased enery and happiness I feel I think is from the Noni juice. I'm a true believer. I plan on getting off my antidepressant and anti anxiety medication as I feel myself getting better every day. I am in the conversion phase where I recommend anyone and everyone to just try it, you've got nothing to lose. And, the effect was immediate I felt more energetic that day, and everyday since. I love it!!! For the last few years I have been battling depression and anxiety and am finally feeling better without the use of drugs. I have made lifestyle changes in addition to the noni juice, but I'm still a true believer.

sulaimi 03.12.2009. 17:25

Now i know that Noni really make my life better.

rosli MY 07.12.2009. 02:39

I had this product Golden NONI before my everyday breakfast. It gave me the energy to do my daily routines, besides it also cleanses my system.

My body feels light, and energetic. The taste is great to.

Kumar 08.12.2009. 02:24

I am using NONI for last 2 weeks, i am feeling my self fresh and energetic, my digestion problem aslo gone. Feeling energetic even at the night.Great drink.

Valerie 21.01.2010. 13:47

I had chronic pain and stiffness in my hip joints for a couple of years. If I sat down for awhile, my hip joints would lock up in pain, and I would have to hobble around doubled-over for a couple of minutes until I could stand up straight.

After I saw an osteopath on TV recommend Noni Juice, I bought a 32 oz bottle of Noni Juice from the supplement section of my local pharmacy for $19.95. I took one or two ounces in the morning and in the evening, and all the pain and stiffness in my hip joints went away. Then I cut down to drinking just one ounce in the mornings only.

After a few months I stopped drinking Noni Juice. Eventually the pain and stiffness in my hips came back, so I started on the Noni Juice again and it cured my hip joint pain and stiffness again!

I also met a lady, who is in her 80s, but she looks like she's in her late 50s or early 60s, and she runs her own goat and sheep farm and works it herself. She also drives Amish people cross country for extra money, and she is able to drive at night as well as anyone. I saw her moving a big goat shed all by herself. So I asked her how she stayed so young, healthy, and strong.

She said that 20 years ago she started drinking Noni Juice, which they used to carry at Walmart, and she swears by it. Walmart no longer carries it, so she gets it at the drug store like I do. The kind we get is mixed with a little apple concentrate, and it's by BioHealth. Sometimes it's on sale for $15.00 for 32 ounces.

Corinne 26.01.2010. 09:46

Hi, I started taking Noni 3 weeks ago. I have no health issues but had no energy. I feel stronger and have much more energy since I started taking Noni. IT's amasing...I felt the benefit from day one!!! I think that whatever bad presse Noni gets we have to remember that there are people around who don't want good natural remedies to be known because they could take over so easily. So their strategy is to slack them off!!!

Mark 02.02.2010. 13:57

I've been drinking 2 tbsps with a protien shake every morning for about a month. My skin has cleared up, I'm handling stress a lot better, depression seems gone, I have more energy, I sleep better, I seem more focused, my digestion is better, and I'm maintaining my weight after a crash diet. I feel good. I recomend Noni to everyone.

kim 14.03.2010. 10:22

i have began taking noni juice.......(the real extract). for about a week now. I have scarred fallopian tubes and i am hoping it will heal them so i can concieve again. If anyone knows of any results of this nature please let me know or if they know of any other herbs i could find here in jamaica. thanx


Debra 17.03.2010. 16:05

i got the Noni fruit and keep it in a jar for a week now i've started taking a tablespoon of the juice in the morning i will let u guys know how i feel in two weeks

Simon 21.04.2010. 11:52

I've been drinking Noni now for 6 months. I have battles Astma for almost 40 years.
Now I'm 48 years old and unbelievable my Asthma disappeared completely now and I do not take anymore medicine for Asthma for months. But if I stop drinking Noni for a week than my Astma comes back again. For me this is the proof that Noni juice works! Also my eczema disappeared and my skin is much better now.

bethi 26.05.2010. 20:39

hi,one of my friend has both leg swellings can she use noni, 30y female,all tests r normal,mild anemic

Stephan/Billings, Mt. 09.07.2010. 22:20

I do not profess to be an expert in the medical field but can tell you this. I had a career ending shoulder injury and was forced to retire in the mid-90's. I heard of noni about 2009 and started using it daily. I had chronic pain including arthritis in my shoulder up until I heard of this juice. I started using it for the purported health benefits (after researching) and had no idea what I was in store for. My arthritis and pain are completely gone from my shoulder and I no longer wake up several times in pain during sleep. I never took meds for this injury and am glad. Insofar as the health benefits, aside from the shoulder, I really do not know but am sold on it for the relief of pain in my shoulder alone!

Bob Krueger 20.07.2010. 13:40

My wife has been taking LeVive from Ardyss for several months and has lost over 20 lbs. in 3 months. She been diagnosed with severe bone loss but since starting LeVive she feels stronger and has a great reduction in bone and joint pain.
She also has more energy and has quit taking some medications. Her doctor is suprised at the change in her health since starting on LeVive.
I am also taking 6 oz. of LeVive daily and have more energy and feel great. Blood pressure and cholestoral are back to normal after many years of having taken prescriptions for these.

Balaji 08.09.2010. 14:51

Is noni juice helpful for Sexual actvities

Carol 16.09.2010. 09:01

Hi: I got poisoned with fish and felt terribly sick a friend gave me some noni juice i draqnk it and immediately I ingested it i felt better. This noni had no preservative in it. Thank God for noni i now begin drinking it> The benefits I derive is energy,a relaxed feeing, lets me sleep better, weight loss, and much more.

marva 17.09.2010. 19:48

Hi everyone,
I am fortunate to have three noni trees in my backyard but I hardly use the fruit.
I have given my children one teaspoon noni juice for three times a day and it works everytime.
Now that I google the benefits of noni I will certainly use it regularly. I also learnt from a friend that it help women get pregnant.

SM808 12.10.2010. 15:55

Aloha all,
being that I lived in Hawaii all my life, I did not see the benefits of Noni, because I have consumed it on a regular basis. As an adult, I wasn't forced to take it so I didn't. After a friend of mine was diagnosed with breast cancer, I began to ferment the fruit from my back yard. She took store bought noni until mine was ready. Religously, she took 3 oz, 3 times a day... Half hour before meals. Today she is cancer free. And continues to take one oz 2 times a day!
About 10 years ago... I force fed my dog unfermented Noni 3 times a day, 3oz. After being run over by a car. She was as good as dead, in fact I thought she was. She went on to have 7 litters with her new owner. Last week I performed an emergency c-section on another dog... On my livingroom floor. She was dying from not being able to deliver her pups. The pups didn't make it, but I immediately started feeding her Noni. She is walking and playing today. (and trying really hard to remove bandages) no infections, no unusual bleeding, no problems!
My daughter has fought severe asthma and eczema all her life. She started taking Noni a few months ago... And both conditions have disappeared. I find that u can still reap the benefits with a lower or diluted dose. For my daughter and dogs I do not give them fermented fruits because of the smell, let alone the taste. Instead I boil one ripe (white) fruit until water is almost gone, then add more water and boil again. I will keep reducing it until the fruit can fall apart with a spoon. Then reduce it once more. I strain while hot and add raw sugar or honey. Refrigerate.

john wood 14.10.2010. 07:44

I suffer with sinus headaches in Pensacola, Florida. After a two day bout with a headche last weekend, noni juice that my wife ordered came in the mail on Monday. I drank a glass of Kangen water, then took an ounce of the juice, which I have never taken before. In 2 minutes the headache was gone. Amazing!

I take it now 3 times a day at least. Wow. And I do not sell the juice.
Feel free to email me at I sell Kangen machines.

Irene 31.10.2010. 19:16

I tried Noni Juice for 6 wks.
It had an adverse effect with me.
I felt more lethargic and had increased joint pain.
I stopped it and feel much better.

SEMA 18.11.2010. 13:14

Please do not touch the stuff, Have a friend in the hospital with liver failure and its due to this. she had a clean bill of health just one month before taking this suplement and now might need a liver transplant. check further and you will see others who have had to have a liver transplant and are sueing the company.

jack 09.01.2011. 18:45

We have 3 noni trees in yard they yield lots of fruit. We blend with Coconut juice from fresh
coconuts and strain out pulp.

Several elderly ladies in our village now report they are free from joint pains and sleep better than before taking it. It appears to work especially for joint pains. We do not sell anything.

kim 31.01.2011. 08:51

I am an aerobics instuctor. When I started experiencing major pain in my knees, my co-worker gave me Noni juice to help ease the pain. The first day I took it, I noticed the pain was gone. I purchased a bottle for me and my mom who was suffering from high blood pressure. My mom blood pressure eventually decreased. We both felt a drastic increase in our energy levels as well. I can't work say it will work for everyone, but I know it did for me.

Ejames 01.02.2011. 23:37

I have taken noni jucie in the past. over the years my eyes were slightly yellow, but with taking noni juice my eyes were white again and I had a lot more energy. It made me feel better.

Sandra Van Asch 07.03.2011. 17:40

Does Noni Juice help Restless Leg syndrome?
Please email me the answer to


Noni User 17.03.2011. 08:15

I take Noni juice not everyday but often. I especially take it as soon as I start to feel sick or coming down with something. I then start to take it everyday until I feel better. Everytime I do this, I do get sick. I even tested it. My Girlfriend was sick, So of course if you kiss someone who is sick, then you will get sick. I started feeling sick then drank my noni juice. Results was........I did not get sick. I love this stuff. Make sure you get the pure Noni that is not mixed or have anything added with it. Great fruit!!!!!!

Sophie 22.03.2011. 04:45

I have had recurrent bacterial vaginosis. I tried:

apple cidar vinegar
bi-carb soda
boric acid.

It didn't go away. Acidophilus tablets helped. But a friend put me onto Noni (not knowing what I had) and within hours, my Bacterial Vaginosis had gone. I was back to normal.

Sugar will make BV flare up. The first day I tried Noni Juice, I also binged on 3 chocolate bars after giving up sugar and chocolate that week. But the Noni juices effects were much stronger than the sugar damage and still eliminated BV.

I won't be without Noni Juice now. I don't want BV anymore! It works from the inside out, not the other way around.


Hugh Crouse 08.04.2011. 10:40

My Name is Hugh Crouse
I live in Canada and I have treatment for throat Cancer and have finish them on Jan 04 2010. I am hoping that I am in remission and believing that I am. I been looking for something on the market to clean all the toxic out of my body from the treatment I had and have come across the Noni 100 Juice pure aged wild Harvested and have only been using it for a few days and have found a big different already because it is taking the congested thick fungus off my throat and body. Last night I experience allot of dried old hard film coming off my body when I woke. I have tried everything and when I was interduce this is product I wanted to try it. Sure enough it works and does just as it said it would do I feel much better and also sleep better thank Hugh

Lucy Griffin 05.05.2011. 21:43

I have only been on this Noni juice for a week and I have notice a strong pep of energy.I take it at 5:00am and i work a 12 hr shift and i tell you it really help me through my shift.I found it at the Vitamin store and decided to try it, Im glad I did.

Laughlin 23.06.2011. 23:10

I manage a barn in Lousiana and have several horses with a disease called "anhidrosis," wherin they are not able to sweat. Most of these horses also suffer from heaves, an equine version of asthma.

This is an extremely miserable situation because they overheat in the normal summer conditions in the south, and cannot be worked or ridden during those months, their hair falls out, and they develop severe outbreaks of fungus all over their body. There are only two medications that are recommended to treat the disease, and one or two old wives tales about non-medical ways to treat it (feeding used coffee grounds and egg shells, adding beer to the food, etc.).

I tried both of the medications last year, but found that neither of them made a difference. I've also seen people try the beer trick, and again found that it made no difference. An aquaintance started giving her anhidrotic horse noni juice two years ago and has maintained that it works wonders. I was extremely skeptical and held off for over a year. When I realized that none of the other medications were working, I figured that I had nothing to lose, so this spring before the heat set in I started giving Noni juice to the horses who had the problem, just as I would have the medication.

To my surprise, all 4 of my anhidrotic horses have remained healthy and are sweating quite easily. Their coats are full and soft without the usual outbreaks of fungus and the heaves also seems to be minimized, respiratory function seems good. I have been using one of the horses daily for summer camp lessons and he is doing great.

This has been a drier summer than usual, so the lower humidity may be a factor as well, but I'm sold on the product. It has been much more effective than any other treatment I've seen so far. What puzzles me the most though is that I've only been giving each horse 2 oz per day, which is quite minimal compared to their body weight, and it still seems to be having a positive affect.

Will see if they continue sweating throughout the entire summer, but for now, I'm sold!

Jennine 19.07.2011. 22:00

i started taking noni only because i heard it was a superfood and it provided all kinds of health benefits and worked better than most medications. After taking it 3times daly after three weeks I noticed that I had no more shoulder and neck pain. I had been suffering with for ten years. It forced me to retire off of my state job I had for 11 years. It was horrific. After three weeks of taking noni juice (organic)100%, i asked my husband did he notice that I hadnt been complaining about my neck and shoulder pain. He said yes, he had noticed that. I said i wonder if its the juice. I also noticed i was no longer lactose intollerant and i havent caught a cold or the fluw in 5 years!!! I did drop to taking it once a day and lot of times i skip days. WOW!!i'm a believer! and when old friends see me they say i look younger as the years go by. And they aint lyin!!! LOL

Ashlea Ambris 20.07.2011. 12:16

Hello, I've been using noni for the past 3yrs, and over these years Ive used it in several ways; which include tea, juice, syrup and puree bfor.
For me, it has been so beneficial in different ways which include, cleaning the skin of some impurities, as a purgative and acts as an alleviative for me.
Ive tried the sop also which I bought and it has a refreshing effect.
It has an energy boost for me, especially on those days when I dont feel like I can make it, just take a sip and you ll be zested away.
Sweating is at its minimum.
So I could advise when trying noni thoyugh, it should be done gradually cas each person's bod has a different effect on what the digest.
Thanks for ready.
Any questions or comment on the forms of doing, feel free to ask, or

BKnoll 08.08.2011. 20:08

I started using Noni juice about a week and a half ago.My hips are so wore out that I could hardly go and the strengh in my legs was really weak.I had to pull myself up the steps with the hand rail.After drinking this stuff I can walk up the steps like a normal person and I have very little pain now.My artritis in my hands and back are not hurting either.This stuff is amazing.I have been taking 2oz twice a day.I think this is God's cure for about everything.

benedicta james 27.08.2011. 09:43

had a problem climbing stairs or running up hills would feel my chest busting but after taking noni for one to two weeks my husband notice that i would walk up hills without stopping so i tried running and sure enough i did without any problem i make the drink my self got a tree in my yard.

junie 05.10.2011. 09:52

I used this juice a few years ago, for a while, and I used it (as had been recommended by someone on a website) for applying to my skin, so see if it would help to cure an eruption of some sort of "eczema". It removed the scaly skin.

It is the ONLY treatment that has ever worked on my scaley patch (at the top of my forehead, on the hairline). I never wanted to apply steroid creams, etc.

I tried this because someone said they had managed to get rid of WARTS with Noni Juice.

So I don't think its a scam.

Guam Frank 12.10.2011. 21:11

It is nice to hear that the world is getting in tune with a medicine that we have growing regularly in our back yards. The healing plant is real, but also saddening to hear that people only know how to consume it instead of using it for other healing purposes externally. The plant and fruits are used extensively throughout the Micronesian Islands as a herbal medicine.

The drink's healing powers are authentic, but I also use the fruit for skin disorders, wounds, and other surface ailments. I once had a rapid wart-like growth on my face and I resorted to using a bit of the ripened fruit applied directly to it. Within a few days of continued application of the Noni fruit, the wart-like growth dried up and permanent went away. I myself was amazed that it actually worked. I have used it for a puncture wound where it stopped the bleeding and cleansed the wound perfectly. I want to say that it could be like the fountain of youth, but I could be pushing it.

Kendra 21.10.2011. 21:50

I have suffered from migraines my whole life. Medical history started at the age of 9, I am now 35. I have been on numerous medications, had CT scans, and way too many visits to the ER! I also tried every thing and any thing that people suggested that I try might work...let me tell you throughout the years (26yrs) I have tried so many crazy things only to be dissapointed. But when you have pain like I had you would try anyting!

However about 7yrs ago I read an article stating that Noni juice was a natural remedy for migraines, so of course I had to try it b/c its claims that it actually was a preventative was hard to believe. I started off with only a tablespoon every morning and still that is all I take. I don't even know how to begin to explain how Noni juice HAS CHANGED MY LIFE! Seriously the pain from migraines is no joke and every time that I would get one I would literaly pray that I would just die, b/c the pain was sooooooo bad and I would have to endure it either till I passed out or pain medication would kick in. Sometimes the pain meds would not and that is how I would end up in the emergency room. Any one who suffers like I had totally understands what I am talking about. Plus I would get so many some times it was almost once a week!

PLEASE, PLEASE if you know any one suffering from Migraines tell them to drink Noni juice they will be so happy you did. One month I was being lazy and did not replenish my supply, well lets just say I had only done that once b/c I got a migraine that month and from not having one in so long I forgot just how bad the pain felt and what it did to my body I thought I was going to die!

Noni is not a scam, why it would even be considered one is absolutely crazy! All the other people who left testimonials as well as me are proof of that...we are living proof that you don't have to suffer from your pain any more. It's funny how people are so afraid to try something natural, but wont hesitate to take a toxic man made drug prescribed by your Dr.


Ellen R 04.11.2011. 12:33

About 3 weeks ago I started having pretty severe abdominal pain 2 - 3 hours after eating anything. I went to the doctor, had an X-ray, Ultrasound, and a CAT-scan. The first two results were classified as unremarkable. The CAT-scan showed that I was seriously blocked up. I am going to the gastro doctor today as things are much better but still not right. Anyway there was about a week and a half between seeing the doctor and getting to the CAT-scan. Boy did I suffer. Luckily I had some Noni juice at the house and remembered that Dr. Becker (TV host of Your Health) always talked about the use of Noni for pain. He had had cancer and found that it greatly helped with the pain. I actually bought the Noni for the antioxidants not for pain. Anyway, I pulled out a bottle and took the 1 oz followed by water that was recommended and felt some relief. I then took about another ounce followed by water and almost felt fine. I started drinking about 6 oz, followed by water and the pain would almost immediately go away. There's more but I do not want drag this on. Noni helped when the Zantac, baking soda, Ibuprofen, etc. did not. It also helped with a headache!
I know that it is not solving my problem but w/o it I don't know what I would have done. Forgot to mention the Miralax twice daily for about two weeks helped but not for the pain. I told all the doctors and technicians about the Noni. I truly sung it's praises! Good luck! I hope that it is helpful in your particular situation.

Diane 15.11.2011. 07:52

I first tried Noni Juice in 2005 when I was released from the hospital after having surgery. My blood pressure was so high I had to have a nures come to my home. I was then introduced to the Noni Juice after a week my blood pressure was normal and I let my nure go.I was faced with the same problem again a week agao, I am now on High Blood pressure meds. I also begin takling the 100% pure Noni Juice and again it is back to normal and I have a decreased in appetite and now losing unwanted weight. I will continue taking Noni Juice from now on.

nasha 07.12.2011. 14:53

does noni syrup cure impotence among men? we have a child of abt 4 yrs and r planning for another...but my husband's erection is not lasting that much and isnt getting semen while v make..He has bought this noni syrup as a medicine..will this cure him ...n in how many weeks will it work? HAS ANYONE FOUND POSITIVE RESULTS ON THIS PBLM???PLZ RESPOND...

anthony 02.01.2012. 11:00

My German Shepherd had a dark spot on the iris of his eye a few years ago and we were afraid it was a tumor. The veterinarian confirmed our fears and our only options were to leave it alone, or have a surgery to remove his eye. We chose to leave it and started giving him Noni Juice. Nothing else in his day to day diet was changed except for the addition of Noni Juice.After only a few weeks, the spot on his eye was completely gone and it never came back.

Irene50 31.01.2012. 23:17

Just a normal female with the fear of turning 50. No major health issues, no long term medication. Gaining weight, no energy, fatigue, age spots, dark circles, yellow eyeballs, twitching eyes and thinning hair. Beginning stages of menopause. Four months ago I had adonimal pain, mainly in the evenings after I ate. Couldn't sleep at night, slept sitting up many nights. Went to a nutrionist, she recommended a cleansing for 14 days to remove unwanted toxins. Thereafter, she recommended Noni juice. The taste is horrible! I forced myself to drink it for one week pending results. After 1 week of drinking 2oz noni with 2oz of orange juice every morning. I feel great, energy throughout the day, skin looks good, hair is full, eyeballs are white, pain free. No weight loss yet. I just wanted to feel better, my next step is to increase my Noni intake to twice a day & exercise. I may also try taking the Noni pills. I really believe taking Noni has helped my body's minor issues caused by aging.

So far so good in Texas...

Gladys Montgomery 18.02.2012. 08:11

About a year ago I started having severe in my left knee. My doctor diagnosed it as a torn cartilage. He said it would heal in a few months. After three months I had no relief so I went to an orthopedic doctor. He diagnosed it as degenerative disk problems and arthritis of my hip. After five months of treatment I had no relief. In fact it was getting worse. I read the testamonials on noni juice and began taking it. At first I felt only a slight improvement but now after taking it for over five months my pain has improved almost 90 percent. I thank God for noni juice.

ron collins 29.02.2012. 10:18

my mother was a picture of perfect health until she tried noni juice now she a very serious skin problem so bad she has seen doctors in other states florida indianapolis shes 85 yrs old she never had a problem until noni came into her life

Virginia L 13.03.2012. 18:25

I have been drinking Noni juice for the last 4 weeks. WOW... this juice is amazing! A lady at my Salon suggested I should try it for some terrible swelling she noticed in my feet (I've been dealing with the awful swelling for nearly 2yrs... my Doc gave me fluid pills... they were of little help & made me feel yucky!)I went to Whole Foods & bought the Noni juice that day and after only 2 days my swelling was GONE & I had lost 4.5 pounds of fluid... hard to believe I was carrying that much extra water weight around. I feel wonderful, & my skin looks better than ever. I am so happy to have found Noni juice!!! I am going to have my Doctor keep an eye on my Potassium levels, however.

Tammy 08.04.2012. 10:55

I have two tarlov cysts on both sides of my lower spine that give me much pain if I'm on my feet alot. Being an active person, it's too often. I also suffer periodically from a swollen lymph node under my right arm pit extending into my breast and have found soaking a bandage and adhering them to these locations of my body in Noni Juice helps the pain subside considrerably. I understand this is an uncoventional use of noni juice but for someone with pain it's worth a try, it works for me. Don't know why but it does. I'm not much for the taste, yuck, but I have also ingested Noni as well.

Kahaunanisharonakana 23.05.2012. 19:27

In 2002 they said I had high blood pressure & high cholestrol. I refused to take the poison that they wanted to give me & I started using half a jigger of noni juice daily, btw, I make my own NONI JUICE. After about 6 months, it happen, I saw the dholestrol in the toilet bowl. Yes I check it daily. When I saw this pieces of , what looked like confetti in the toilet bowl, I knew that it was the black lining that we build up in our belly from years of bad food. After that experience I went back to the doctor to check y numbers & HALLELUJAH, I don't have cholestro or high blood pressure. FOR ME NONI IS THE BOMB.
Yours Truly...Sharon Akana, from Maili, Oahu.

Daisy Chain 31.07.2012. 15:03

I Have Been Taking NONI gel Caps.....Same Ingredigents as the Juice. WARNING........................
The NO in NONI stands for Nitric Oxide which gives the Effects of a Cure all, and makes you feel like Super man! DO NOT TAKE more than one Gel Cap or more than One shot per day for 2 weeks. Then 3rd week..... Every other day. 4th week every 3rd day, until weened off. Then DO NOT TAKE any NONI for Two weeks. After 2 weeks Repeat the entire process again.......... Otherwise, you build up a tolerance, like any other drug! This info. comes directly from a Professional Personal trainer that takes this for pre Work outs. DO NOT TAKE EVERDAY FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE AS THE COMPANY PRESCIBES! Listen to me, Now! NONI only masks or gives the illusion of being Cured. But The Effects, taken as I have stated above, can last a lifetime of Good Health.

MKC 24.10.2012. 02:31

The testimonials here are encouraging to me because I am experiencing similiar results from drinking Noni Juice just 4 days ago. Pain in my wrists and fingers, aches in my feet and legs, and especially my neck. I have not been able to move my neck from side to side for a very long time. It feels so much better now, I know it can only get better if I continue to drink Noni. There are many Noni trees where I live. So I got glass jars and put them in the sun. I tried it the first day, it wasnʻt as bad as I thought. I really wanted to feel better so I was determined to try it. So far itʻs been just great.......

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